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About Scoutadelic

Scoutadelic started in January 2016 with a crazy idea. What if you could combine the Scout Magazine that all Leaders had access to and a YouTube show like Good Mythical Morning? Once a month dealing with a different random Scouting topic, with a new co-host, a skill, seeing what another group gets up to, and pack it with as much fun and humour as possible. The result was Scoutadelic (mainly cause Scoutalicious was taken).

The whole thing began as an idea from Mike Rouse-Deane who believed that sharing ideas and showing a world beyond the small halls normal Scout Leaders occupy might inspire or make Leaders more creative with their programme. Or even allow Young People to see new ideas and try them out too. Mike had discovered how ideas can spread when he did a YouTube channel just for his Cub Scout parents to see what their kids got up to each week.

Scoutadelic is there to inspire, to have fun and to brighten up someone’s day. Over the last six years, Scoutadelic has travelled all over the UK, given out over 2,000 glow-in-the-dark wristbands, written over 1,000 letters and handed out nearly 3,000 participation badges. By watching Scoutadelic you are a part of our little #BeALittle gang, and ultimately showing you’re being a little Scoutadelic every day.

Get your hands on our badges

We’ve got a range of badges to compliment the activities on this website, plus some other fun items too.